A fitness & wellness training concept that changes everything, joyfully! Combining the best cross training elements to achieve quantifiable results.
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Rowing Zone

Join the fun of rowing at India’s first ever Rowing Zone at ATHLECROSS.

Cycling Zone

Go biking across the globe from the Cycling Zone at ATHLECROSS.

TRX Training Zone

Welcome the stronger you with the help of ATHLECROSS Official TRX Training Zone


Personal Group Training

ATHLECROSS brings you the workout that looks after your personal goals while you can enjoy training with your groupies!


For Everyone

Workouts at ATHLECROSS are designed to work for all fitness levels. Whether you are a businessman or an athlete, a beginner or a pro, we got your back!


Cross Training

ATHLECROSS aims at improvement of the overall fitness and performance level, which is achieved by athletic cross-training program.



At ATHLECROSS, we believe that your diet is as important as your exercise. And to back that up, we have our own health cafe – ATHLECAFE, to eat good and feel good

I am a runner and I joined Athlecross for the sole purpose of cross training and keeping fit. But I did not know I was in for more. My performance in running saw a significant improvement and even my cardiovascular endurance increased, helping me in the marathons.

Mona Saluja

The reason I like Athlecross is because their concept is not just about fit body but about FIT LIFE. The concept of ‘Group Personal Training’ not only adds the fun element to my fitness routine but also uplifts my mood.

Sunil Jani

I’m glad I came to Athlecross. With the variety in workouts and motivating trainers, my fitness goals became so much easier to achieve. I began seeing difference in just a few weeks.

Divya Lad

All the elements of fitness are perfectly put together and it goes without saying that Athlecross is a revolution in the fitness industry!

Misbah Baxamusa

BMI Calculator Chart

BMI Weight Status
Below 18.5 Underweight
18.5 - 24.9 Healthy
25.0 - 29.9 Overweight
30.0 - and Above Obese
* BMR Metabolic Rate / BMI Body Mass Index

Calculate Your BMI

Calculate your BMI (body mass index) with this calculator tool. By calculating your body mass index, you can get an indication of whether your weight may be affecting your health.BMI is commonly used by Doctors and health professionals worldwide and is calculated using your weight and height.

“Fitness is not a destination.
It is the way of LIFE.”

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Stress Relief
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